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List of fears, cuhs i thought it was pretty cool! 
x = Somewhat
xx = Greater
xxx = Huge Enormous Crippling Holy Monkey-Pellet Fear

[x] Achluophobia - Fear of darkness.
[x] Acrophobia - Fear of heights.
[x] Agliophobia - Fear of pain.
[ ] Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds.
[x] Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects.
[ ] Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car.
[ ] Androphobia - Fear of men.
[ ] Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking.
[ ] Anthrophobia - Fear of flowers.
[ ] Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society.
[ ] Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched.
[x] Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
[ ] Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers.
[x] Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.
[ ] Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness.
[ ] Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.
[x] Atychiphobia - Fear of failure.
[ ] Aulophobia - Fear of flutes.
[ ] Autophobia - Fear of being alone.

[ ] Bacteriophobia - Fear of bacteria.
[how?! like unless youre in space, i dont think you can avoid that....] Barophobia - Fear of gravity.
[ ] Bathmophobia - Fear of stairs or steep.
[ ] Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians.
[oh no, professor, i cannot do my work, because i have bibliophobia lol jk] Bibliophobia - Fear of books.
[what if they're vegetarian and botanophobic ?] Botanophobia - Fear of plants.

[sorry im scared of ugly people, thats mean :(] Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness.
[x(due to high level of intake on horror movies sadly)] Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors.
[ ] Chionophobia - Fear of snow.
[please please tell me youre blind for this to happen..] Chromophobia - Fear of colors.
[they must need a time keeper then...] Chronomentrophobia - Fear of clocks.
[hohoho!] Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.
[x (joker from batman included)] Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.
[poor people :(] Cyberphobia - Fear of computers.
[x (just a bit)] Cynophobia - Fear of dogs.

[ ] Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.
[x(i think everyone have a little of this in them)] Dentophobia - Fear of dentists.
[please tell me you sleep in a box then] Domatophobia - Fear of houses.
[xx] tychiphobia - fear of accidents.

[uhhhhhhhh] Ecophobia - Fear of the home.
[ ] Elurophobia - Fear of cats.
[LOL i guess they cant face themselves one point in time then right?] Ephebiphobia - Fear of teenagers.
[nay nay!] Equinophobia - Fear of horses.

[#foreveralone, like me jk] Gophobia - Fear of marriage.
[dont look down!] Genuphobia - Fear of knees.
[how about balloon popping?] Globophobia - Fear of balloons.
[just nervous, not scared tho] Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public.
[-__- what! we dont bite :(] Gynophobia - Fear of women

[here comes the sun...dodododo! well they must be vampires then!] Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.
[ ] Hemophobia - Fear of blood.
[ ] Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles.
[like even drinking water? idk how this works..] Hydrophobia - Fear of water.

[ ] Itrophobia - Fear of doctors.
[xx] Insectophobia - Fear of insects.
[blub blub blub] Ichithyophobia - Fear of fish

[.________. so one room is fine, multiple isnt?] Koinoniphobia - Fear of rooms.

[okay, okay, most walls in houses are] Lekophobia - Fear of the color white.
[xxx] Lilapsophobia - Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.
[x(just the pain of it)] Lockiophobia - Fear of childbirth.
[ ] Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking.
[ ] Melanophobia - Fear of the color black.
[ ] Microphobia - Fear of small things.
[x] Mysophobia - Fear of dirt and germs.

[xxx] Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things.
[xxx] Noctiphobia - Fear of the night.
[xxx(only at night and by myself)] Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals.

[ ] Obesophobia - Fear of gaining weight
[.____.] Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.
[ ] Ombrophobia - Fear of rain.
[ ] Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes.
[ ] Ornithophobia - Fear of birds.

[ ] Papyrophobia - Fear of paper.
[xx] Pathophobia - Fear of disease.
[ ] Pedophobia - Fear of children.
[x(fear of getting hurt by love?)] Philophobia - Fear of love.
[xx] Phobophobia - Fear of being afraid.
[okay once again, just dont look down and dont wear shoes and youre fine] Podophobia - Fear of feet.
[ ] Porphyrophobia - Fear of the color purple.
[ ] Pteridophobia - Fear of ferns.
[x(height issues)] Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of flying.
[x(not really but i guess just fear of causing fire)] Pyrophobia - Fear of fire.

[ ] Scolionophobia - Fear of school.
[ ] Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.
[x] Sociophobia - Fear of social evaluation.
[ ] Somniphobia - Fear of sleep.

[x] Tachophobia - Fear of speed.
[ ] Technophobia - Fear of technology.
[x] Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunder.
[x(shots)] Trypanophobia - Fear of injections.

[nervous and overreaction i get but what?] Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women.
[x] Verminophobia - Fear of germs.
[ ] Wiccaphobia - Fear of witches and witchcraft.
[x(just awkward)] Xenophobia - Fear of strangers
[ ] Zoophobia - Fear of animals
  • Listening to: keyboard noises and computer fan
  • Reading: blogger
  • Watching: the screen
  • Drinking: saliva


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Earth (: WOOT!
Favourite genre of music: pop (:
Operating System: window xp (rules! seriously, i like xp better than vista and 7)
MP3 player of choice: itouch? o-o
Personal Quote: "So Close Yet So Far Away."
"Present is a present, that's what we call it present."


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